Howard Waddell: Alt-right = alternate reality? | Column

In the past few days, we have learned that “alt-right” does not really mean “alternative right” wing, but rather “alternate reality” (along with, of course, the corresponding “alternative facts”).

Reading opinion pieces by Republican commentators makes me feel like I am reading one of Newt Gingrich’s “alternate history” novels, but in real time.

That someone could watch former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony and claim that it in any way vindicates Trump is stunning.

I have to admit that as a bystander in all of this, the “stunners” are nonstop — and I am beginning to feel a bit punch drunk. Just a sampling:

• That Trump can play the same reality show “big reveal to come” game (as he did with the Paris Accord announcement) with whether or not his conversations with Comey were taped.

• That Paul Ryan and others can say (with a straight face) that the countless missteps and misbehavior by Trump are excusable as just “on-the-job training.”

• That the Russia probe, regardless of the almost-daily new revelations, is simply a “witch hunt.”

• That “nobody dies from the lack of health insurance.”

• That climate change (regardless of the cause) is a hoax.

I recently read an opinion piece on CNN by Douglas Heye (a CNN political commentator and former deputy chief of staff to then-House Majority Leader Eric Cantor). In it, he says when asked by a reporter “where the Republican Congress intended to go on climate change… I told him the issue itself had never come up in leadership meetings, House Republican Conference meetings or in any context that I could remember.” (my emphasis)

In what version of reality is the planet not warming, the glaciers not melting, and sea levels not rising? Either they don’t watch the real news, or even…

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