How do I use Facebook’s new iOS GIF maker app to create short looping images?


Prepare to drive your mates mad with the social network’s new DIY GIF feature

YOU can now make yourself into a looping “GIF” picture and share it on Facebook.

The social network has quietly started rolling out a feature which lets you turn any photo into a Graphical Interchange Format (GIF) image.

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A GIF file uses multiple frames which are displayed in succession to create an animated clip which can be looped endlessly.

We tend to use animated gifs today as “Reaction GIFs”, which are fun replies for conversations on apps like Twitter or Facebook Messenger.

And while there’s just nothing quite like a moving image of Obama dropping the mic to say “over and out” to your virtual pals, now there’s so much more fun to be had as you create your own.

Still can’t tell your GIFs from your memes? Take a look at our explainer here.

But before you get all GIF-ical, the new feature isn’t available to all phones yet.

Only a lucky few iPhone owners might have noticed the new GIF option on the Facebook Messenger camera.

But Android fans will have a little longer to wait.

If you want to check if it’s available to you, simply swipe left on the app to open the camera.

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What on Earth is a GIF?

A single GIF file features multiple still frames which are displayed in succession in order to create an animated clip, these can either be looped endlessly or just stop at the end of the sequence.

We tend to use animated GIFS as “Reaction GIFS”, they act as fun replies for conversations on apps like Facebook Messenger.

Animated gifs are one of the most common image formats on the Internet and now you can find the perfect gif for any topic using websites like Giphy.

So instead of replying to your ex with a sad face emoji, or words like a…

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