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An incredible video has emerged of a huge mako shark struggling to get free after jumping onboard a fishing boat. 

The clip was taken off the coast of Long Island in New York state after the beast got stuck in the boat’s handrail. 

The massive predator thrashes and writhes in a desperate attempt to free itself, but has no such luck. 

One terrified fisherman onboard exclaims, “He jumped on the boat. Oh my gosh.” 

The sea creature was only released after one of the fisherman came up with an innovative idea. 

Captain Don Law, from Outlaw Fishing Charters, tied rope around the shark’s fin, while another member of the crew kept its head facing the ocean by hooking it with fishing line. 

The group were then able to lower it into the water before cutting the rope to see it free. 

An adult mako shark can measure between 3.2 and 3.8 metres in length and weight between 60 and 135kg, although females can reach 150 kilos. 

They are the fastest sharks in the sea and can reach speeds of up to 60mph. 

Typically, they stalk their prey from below before swimming up to attack them and have been known to leap up to 30ft out of the water. 

More terrifying footage captures what is believed to be the biggest known great white shark ever caught on camera, deep under the ocean off the coast of Mexico

A group of scuba divers had the underwater show of a lifetime when the world’s biggest shark emerged from the deep blue sea. 

Measuring a staggering seven metres long (23ft), the female great white has been nicknamed Deep Blue. 

Believed to be at least 50 years old, the enormous fish was captured on camera off the coast of Guadalupe Island in Mexico. 

Hair-raising footage showed the shark swim vertically up towards a cage with a group of divers inside of it.

One of the divers was perched on top of the cage with absolutely nothing to protect him. 

The monster shark looped around the cage and came back, chomping its giant jaws at the metal bars of the contraption. 

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