Honk Q&A: Yes, CHP officers are supposed to pull over and help

Q. Yesterday while driving in Los Angeles County on the 101 freeway in very heavy traffic, I was in the far-right lane. In front of me were two California Highway Patrol vehicles. On the shoulder was a car with its emergency lights flashing. I was shocked the CHP did not pull over. What is the CHP’s protocol on that situation?

– Mario Luna, Anaheim

A. Honk and Jon Latosquin certainly don’t know the circumstances of what was going on up there.

But Latosquin, an officer and spokesman for the CHP based in Irvine, said if officers are not responding to calls, they are to pull over.

“We are there for public service,” he said very earnestly. “We’ll stop by and ask, ‘Do you need anything? Do you need a tow truck? Do you need directions?’ Sometimes, they are just lost.”

Of course, if lost, it would be best to hit the ol’ off-ramp and find a side street…

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