Come Aug. 12, the Detroit Free Press will shine the spotlight on everyone’s favorite hand-held food at the Taco Festival Detroit.
Detroit Free Press

Looking for a way to enhance your day-long taco-eating experience?

If the idea of strutting along the Detroit riverfront with tacos in hand isn’t enough for you, here’s another reason to scope out the Taco Festival on Saturday — luchadores squaring off in authentic lucha libre wrestling matches.

Lucha Libre Voz tours the country bringing its narrative-rich brand of Mexican wrestling to the masses. Theirs is an athletic style of entertainment that dates back to late-19th Century Mexico.

“We started doing our first shows in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Phoenix, Ariz.,” says Luis Sanchez, who founded Lucha Libre Voz in 2015. “It’s pretty much a people’s sport.”


Where Lucha Libre Voz differs from other touring wrestling companies is its interest in introducing a traditional style of Mexican wrestling to a diverse audience.

“We started doing them in English, but we kept the lucha libre culture to present the magic of it to a wider audience,” Sanchez says. “Before this, lucha libre was a pure link to first-generation immigrants and 100% Spanish speakers. Once we made the show bilingual, we started catering to second-, third-generation Latinos and Americans.”

Sanchez says there’s a constant push to reinvent the sport for mass consumption and break up some misconceptions along the way.

“When you’re coming to the Lucha Libre Voz, we break all those stereotypes,” Sanchez says. “We perform in places … where lucha libre has…