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A new studio is opening in Hewitt that will offer space and professional equipment to create videos or podcasts.

Dustin Weins has launched iRadioWaco studios, where a team of engineers can help an individual, group or business have their own podcast. A fee of $40 an hour will allow access to the studio to create content that will be hosted on the iRadioWaco site and on individuals’ YouTube channels.

The studio off Alliance Parkway has the equipment needed for call-in shows, which could also be streamed live on Facebook or another platform, allowing for continued user interaction, said Weins, who has lived in Waco since he was 3.

Besides Weins, there are three producers on hand to ensure someone is available to help customers with their shows, whether it’s daily or just a one-off.

Weins said he is always looking for a creative outlet, and this was a service not offered in the Waco area. After driving to Dallas for podcasts in similar studios, he thought the idea would flourish in Greater Waco. The studio also offers smaller businesses a more cost-effective way to advertise their company, whether it’s through their own hourlong program or by sponsoring a show, he said.

IRadioWaco has a few programs lined up, including one devoted to comedy and another to sports, Weins said.

Weins, who works full time for the nonprofit Boy Scouts of America, said Friday he planned on having some recording done over the weekend. All the finished podcasts will also be uploaded to popular podcast directories.

Stand-up comedian Michael McBrine will have his own show.

McBrine, who performs at Truelove Bar in downtown Waco twice a month, said one of the important aspects of the site will be establishing a brand, which is largely done through consistency. He said success of iRadioWaco will hinge on a daily presence on the site, so he plans to…

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