Hen Party Ideas to Help Out the Uninspired


Most hens truly look forward to celebrating their last night of freedom. Aside from giving them the chance to enjoy all the things they love as a single woman, their hen party gives them quality time to spend with their closest friends.

Planning for a hen party can be difficult when one does not really know where to start. So, here are some hen party ideas for inspiration. These can help anyone plan for a fabulous hen party.

Set the Mood, Choose a Theme

Decorations within the venue can definitely set the mood and add color to any party. However, for those that want a bit more fun, having a theme will certainly be a good idea.

If the celebrant is the type of woman that enjoys dressing up, having a theme that requires costumes will be a good idea. If she isn’t, no worries as there are themes that will not really require her and her guests any costume.

The sash theme is an example. This theme requires all the participants to wear sashes that may have their role in the wedding printed on it. Just by donning some hen party accessories, the party can be a themed party.

More on Hen Party Accessories

There are loads of hen party accessories to choose from which can be used with or without certain themes. If costumes will be a bad idea, let all the guests accessorize themselves with some accessories instead.

There are head gears, whistles, flashlights, and other accessories that are decorative and fun to use. Just choose a number of accessories and hand them out to the celebrant and all the guests for a fun party.

Select Fun Activities

Hen party activities are meant to be party of any hen party. Games should be part of it too. Activities are usually more important for hen weekends than hen nights. Though, of course, a hen night can always have other activities before going to the final stop or the venue of the hen party.

For hen weekends, daytime activities should definitely be included. Setting activities ensures that the whole group gets to make the most out of…

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