HeartChase engages community in fight against heart disease

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — The American Heart Association is trying to engage the community in the battle against heart disease.

Community members competed in the 6th Annual HeartChase game Saturday afternoon at Genesis Hospital. The event was used to raise funds and awareness about the number one disease killer in the United States.

“The HeartChase is the American Heart Association’s newest fundraising game. Teams of 2-5 are out here competing in all sorts of crazy activities from jousting, to learning hands only CPR– all to benefit the American Heart Association. So we wanted something that was fun and engaging, and that everyone could come out and participate in,” explained Amanda Mills, Sr. Director of HeartChase for the American Heart Association.

Mills adds that they have many companies and sponsors that help lead the way to make the event possible by recruiting teams to be involved. Genesis Healthcare and Century National Bank were the lead sponsors for the event. However each checkpoint was sponsored by a different company or organization.

The idea for the event came up years ago to help the American Heart Association realize their 2020 Impact Goal. The goal was to reduce deaths related to cardiovascular disease by 20 percent, and to also improve the overall health of Americans by 20 percent. They thought the HeartChase game would be a fun, engaging way to help people make small lifestyle changes that could make a big impact on their health and lives.

While hundreds participated on Saturday, they are always looking to grow the event further and promote healthy lifestyles throughout the year.

“HeartChase is an annual event so we look forward to growing it even more next year; having more teams out here participate. We still get to fund raise until June 30th, which is great. And in the meantime, until next June, we have all sorts of online resources and tools to keep healthy and stay healthy with great little ideas,” added Emily Blair, Director for…

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