Grandmaster Shi DeRu spreads love of Kung Fu and martial arts to New Orleans

Grandmaster Shi DeRu, a 31 generation disciple of Shaolin Temple in China, grandmaster of martial arts and founder/headmaster of Shi De Ru Shaolin Institute International, was featured on the “Asian Highlights” segment on a local Cox Cable program recently. He talked about the Shaolin martial arts and Chan (Zen) culture in today’s world, and demonstrated with four of his disciples.

SHAOLIN martial arts encompasses a complete theoretical and technical system, with martial art as its form of expression, and Chan (Zen) wisdom and Buddhism as it’s cultural outlet. The Shaolin kung fu puts special emphasis on the combination of movements and stillness, the balance of yin and yang, the complements of toughness and softness, and the inclusion of the spirit and form, he said.

Tai Chi was created for self defense and combat. However, the same martial art system makes it beneficial to the physical, mental and spiritual fitness of the practitioners.

In modern days, most people practice Tai Chi for balance and health.  As there are increasing conflicts in the world, it is time for Tai Chi, as well as all the traditional martial art schools to work to keep their self defense and combat arts alive and be able to protect themselves and communities, DeRu said.

At the same time, Tai Chi, as well as all martial arts, work to improve the health and develop self esteem, discipline, work ethics, compassion and peace loving in those who practice it.

Tai Chi, like water, can flow calmly and can roll and crash, DeRu said. DeRu holds a certificaiton from Anhui Traditional Chinese School of Medicine; a bachelor’s degree in Zin foreign languages from Anhui Normal University, as well as bachelor’s degree in English from University of Mobile, and master’s degree in exercise physiology from University of South Alabama. He was the former high monk and deputy abbot of Shaolin Temple, which is considered as the cradle of martial arts.

He established the Shi DeRu Shaolin Institute…

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