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Q. Hi Honk. What are the benefits of long investigations (many times hours!) of accidents on freeways? It would seem that the only ones to profit from this information are insurance companies. The best result for traffic flow would be to clear the scene as soon as possible and let those involved settle the battle by themselves. If the intent is to determine who might get a citation, the resulting fines or legal results would be minor compared to the cost of impacting traffic for hours.

Frank Doting, Orange

A. The California Highway Patrol encourages those in fender-benders where no one is hurt to try and move the vehicles to the side of the freeway. And in bigger crashes, when officers are dispatched, so is a tow truck in an effort to reopen lanes quickly.

Rafael Reynoso, a CHP officer and spokesman based in San Juan Capistrano, said a top goal is to get traffic flowing again as soon as possible. But major incidents, such as when someone dies or those involving a shooting, are different.

“If the incident requires an in-depth investigation, where evidence needs to be preserved, we’d block off the whole freeway,” Reynoso said.

Q. We just bought a used car two weeks ago off of a dealer’s lot. The California registration expired last year, in October. I just received the new tags, which I paid a year of registration for, and it expires in October 2017.  How is it even legal to charge someone for registration time on a car they did not own?

Bob Pingle, Lake Forest

A. “The annual vehicle registration renewal date for a California vehicle is set when it is brand new and never changes,” Jaime Garza, a DMV spokesman up in Sacramento, told Honk. “The fee is not adjusted for the length of the year.”

In other words, to get the car back on the road, the entire registration fee must be paid for the year but the annual expiration date won’t change.

If the registration had been up to date, you would have paid nothing until the due date in…

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