FRANCE: Hamon becomes Socialist Party presidential candidate following basic income-focused campaign – Basic Income News

The French Socialist Party has elected a pro-basic income politician, Benoît Hamon, as its candidate for the presidential election this spring.

Benoît Hamon, the left-wing politician who has gained considerable media attention in recent months for his basic income proposal, has won the Socialist Party presidential nomination. He comfortably beat rival and former prime minister Manuel Valls by 58.9% to 41.1%, after his surprise win in the first round.

“Universal basic income is a tool to liberate work, allowing people to actually choose their work and not suffer from it” Hamon declared yesterday in his speech to supporters after his victory was made official.

A centerpiece of Hamon’s campaign has been his universal basic income proposal, which he claims should be introduced step by step:

  • Introducing, in 2018, a basic income without means-testing for those between the ages…

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