Forget Micro-Influencers: The Ultimate Guide to Building Brand Advocate Partnerships

I’ve always been passionate about finding alternative, low-to-no-cost ways for brands to connect with their audience, and using brand advocates is an exciting way to go. All brands have them, but many of them are not doing enough to harness the influence of their biggest fans. To discuss this in more detail, I interviewed Geno Prussakov, the founder and chairperson of Influencer Marketing Days. Geno specializes in building influencer marketing campaigns for brands, including those that can’t afford influencers, even the “micro” ones. His solution in most of these case is: advocacy marketing.

The questions for Geno below came straight from brands and startups that I contacted about this subject. Here you can find all the answers you need to kick off your first brand advocate campaign in the 4th quarter of 2017!

Why should people believe in brand advocates in 2017?

Geno: Four in five consumers say that they trust recommendations of people they know beyond all other forms of advertising. Customers, weary of ads, but increasingly connected with friends and other customers, prefer to listen to voices of real people, and that’s why advocacy marketing should become an integral element of every brand’s marketing strategy.

What makes a good brand advocate? How can brands find them?

Geno: All brand advocates are characterized by one word–loyalty. Their willingness to promote you isn’t tied to transactional rewards, but is rooted in their authentic belief that you’re selling an excellent product.

How would you describe a typical brand advocate?

Geno: They are sometimes also called “consumer advocates” or “consumer evangelists.” These are the consumers who become fans of what they consume and who are happy to get vocal about it. It’s not just those enthusiasts who queue up outside of Apple stores to be among the first ones to get their hands on a new gadget, but the ones who then produce and post “unboxing” videos, put together blog posts,…

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