For bodybuilding Fil-Am grandma, age is just a number –

Marinez “Lola Nez” de la Torre Burnett adheres to a grueling daily workout. BOB BURNETT

Whether at a grocery store or in a nearby public park, Marinez de la Torre Burnett blends in with other grandparents taking their young grandkids for an ice cream or a long walk on a sunny weekend.

But at the Four Seasons Gym in Sioux City, Iowa, a 20-minute interstate drive from where she and her family live in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, the 46-year-old grandmother of two stands out among gym rats and fitness fanatics, grunting and panting as they lift dumbbells that are more than a hundred pounds.

Known among her peers as Lola Nez (Grandma Nez), she lifts more than her weight for six days a week and does an intensive cardio exercise for an hour and a half on a weekend — a rigorous training regimen that she has been strictly following these days.

Grueling daily training

“I lift 155…

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