Exporters on edge after trade pact dies

Withdrawing the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership doesn’t help businesses in Washington state. It also marks a fundamental shift in American trade policy that doesn’t guarantee America will be first.

Mike Gilmartin hardly fits the image of a Davos-attending, jobs-offshoring plutocrat who supported the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Instead, he’s president of Spokane’s family-owned Commercial Creamery. The company was established in 1908 and makes cheese flavoring.

With about a dozen people at headquarters, it also employs 125 at its Idaho factory. If you enjoy cheese snacks or mac and cheese, chances are you also like Commercial Creamery’s cheese powder.

Yet like many Washington companies, Commercial Creamery is a participant in global trade. It exports to 30 countries, and Gilmartin said overseas sales contribute as much as 35…

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