Exclusive Video of Newly Discovered Caravaggio Released

If authentic, the painting could be valued in the $100,000,000 range.

Last week art investigators unveiled what could be a new portrait by Baroque master, Caravaggio. What makes the discovery even more fascinating is that the subject may be a never before seen portrait of the Italian Renaissance master, Leonardo da Vinci.

Today, the NPI news organization has revealed exclusive video of the press conference at which noted British “Treasure Detective”, Curtis Dowling, presented the painting.  

The painting is currently undergoing expert analysis but a fascinating background of the painting’s genesis has emerged. The artwork is believed to have been painted in either 1592 or 1596 when the young Caravaggio made his way to Rome hoping to make a name for himself and win commissions from Vatican patrons.

Baroque biographers record that Caravaggio first found work in Rome in the studio of Lorenzo Siciliano, churning out “heads” of famous Renaissance figures at the rate of three per day. While scholars consider these paintings “hack work” for which the artist was paid one groat per piece – a pittance – Caravaggio’s brushwork, texture, colors, and use of chiaroscuro had nevertheless emerged.

After several months Caravaggio moved to the studio of Antiveduto Grammatica where a stable of artists created portraits of important Renaissance figures like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Lorenzo de’ Medici.  Here, the young Caravaggio would have had access to artwork, sketches, and images depicting these figures. Experts speculate that Caravaggio may have been tasked with producing a portrait of Leonardo – a popular and revered subject who was closely studied during the Baroque period.

Scholars note that this possible “Caravaggio” bears a striking…

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