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Confession is good for the soul, I’m told. And so, I’d like to confess: I came this close to clocking the woman standing in front of me in the pickup line at the airport last week. It’s not that she was rude or jumped in front of me or anything like that. She was holding a bouquet of fresh flowers … Sweet Peas!

It seems that she’d just returned to Colorado after chaperoning an entire class of high school students on a spring break trip. Amazingly, she appeared to have all of her mental faculties intact, and a sweet attitude, too!

As for those flowers, a grateful parent presented them to her as a kind of welcome-home-I-still-can’t-believe-you-were-brave-enough-to-do-this kind of gift.

I don’t mind that she had flowers. But Sweet Peas? Clearly homegrown from a garden within driving distance of my home? Not only were they beautiful; they were abundant, I mean gigantic blooms with perfect ruffles and a bouquet so large this woman could barely get her hands around it.

I inched ever closer to her just to get a whiff of that fragrance. But I couldn’t appreciate it much due to all the envy that flooded my soul. My garden should be overflowing with Sweet Peas at this very moment. It’s not. I am so angry at myself. You see, I procrastinated. I thought I had plenty of time to get my seeds into the ground for a glorious spring harvest.

But no … I had other things to do. Then it rained. I got busy. I lost my window of planting opportunity.

Saving money is a lot like planting. You need to do it early. Then you can sit back and relax. But, unlike those of you who’ve lost your window of opportunity to save early and reap a big harvest come retirement, I’ll get another chance. Next fall, I will plant early, and spring 2018 will yield a bumper crop of Sweet Peas like the world has never known. You just wait.

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