European Bank Improves Uptime and Lowers Costs with StorMagic Virtual SAN

StorMagic helps our branches achieve the availability required to operate in the extremely secure, fast-paced world of banking. SvSAN is exactly what we needed to deliver the uptime and simplicity of management while keeping to a very tight budget.” Julian Vella, Senior Engineer, Mediterranean Bank

StorMagic, the company that makes virtual SANs simple for edge computing, today announced that Mediterranean Bank has deployed SvSAN to significantly lower their costs of computing while improving resiliency and performance of critical applications.

Mediterranean Bank was founded in 2004 in Malta, and as well as providing banking and financial services to the local population, it offers online savings, investment and wealth management under the MeDirect brand in Belgium. The company employs more than 250 people, with locations across Malta, as well as remote sites in London and Brussels.

Installing StorMagic SvSAN delivered a range of benefits to Mediterranean Bank. Their requirement for physical storage was eliminated along with the additional expenditure on cooling, power consumption and maintenance. By reducing their reliance on physical hardware and moving to virtual SANs, the bank modernized their architecture and enjoyed much improved resiliency. They avoided the purchase and installation of physical SANs which would have been significantly more expensive and more complex than virtualization, particularly at the remote sites in Belgium and the UK.

The bank already had physical shared storage using six year old servers andthese were approaching their end of life. The infrastructure performed a variety of roles depending on the location, including vital security components such as the operation of the main office’s…

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