‘Epic Card Game’ App Kickstarter Now Live, Already Halfway Funded – iDigitalTimes.com

Epic Card Game will soon be playable on your mobile device, as Epic Digital’s Kickstarter campaign has started and is already doing really well. In fact, the project is already over halfway funded.

Epic Card Game plays very similarly to Magic: The Gathering. The big difference is the number of cards for Epic is much lower than for Magic. This allows players to stay on a much more even playing field, as you don’t need to dump hundreds of dollars into a deck, only to be competitive for a few months until some cards become too old for standard.

Just like White Wizard Games Star Realms before it, Epic is now getting a digital version to play on the go. What’s even more surprising is this could be one of the fastest turnarounds for a Kickstarter project. If you pledge at the $25 or above tier, you’ll be getting access to Epic Digital’s alpha starting next month.


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