Dr. Richard Amato, Monroe, CT Periodontist, Supports Non-Profit, Smile Train, Matches Donations and Offers Complimentary New Patient Exams

Monroe, CT Periodontist, Dr. Richard Amato Supports International Non-Profit, Smile Train

This June, Dr. Richard Amato is now offering complimentary new patient exams, x-rays and custom treatment plans to patients who donate to Smile Train, the international, non-profit organization. This is the second year in a row that Dr. Amato has supported this reputable cause. Smile Train is a children’s charity that provides millions of children in over 85 developing countries cleft palate or lip treatment. As a compassionate periodontist in Monroe, CT, Dr. Amato will also match each donation made to this children’s charity.

Every five minutes, a child receives a life-changing cleft repair surgery from Smile Train. This organization provides a sustainable, comprehensive approach to correcting cleft lip and cleft palate. With over 170,000 children born in developing nations around the world with a cleft palate and/or lip, Dr. Amato strives to support organizations like Smile Train to ensure they receive the treatment they need.

Dr. Amato is a leading periodontist offering experienced, comprehensive periodontal care in Monroe, CT and is dedicated to spreading qualified care to members of his community, as well as internationally. He is inviting patients who donate $50 or more, which is the cost of an overnight hospital stay for one of these young patients, to receive complimentary new patient consultations, precise x-rays and a thorough treatment plan.

Cleft lip and palate procedures may seem like a cosmetic concern, however, they can also lead to extreme difficulties eating, drinking, speaking and breathing. Cleft lip or cleft palate surgeries are frequently unaffordable or inaccessible for many parents in developing nations. Not only does Smile…

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