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Some residents in Ilium’s Two Rivers Subdivision are concerned about a Telluride Ski Resort plan to develop rental-housing units in their neighborhood.

At a San Miguel County Board of Commissioners meeting on July 26, Telski outlined a conceptual plan to build 38 employee-housing in the form of single-family, duplex and multi-family units near the Two Rivers Subdivision. 

The units would be built on deed-restricted lots in Ilium in connection with possible development on the Sunshine Valley lots owned by the Telluride Mountain Village Owner’s Association.

Two Rivers resident Ryan Smith said he bought his lot in 2009 with the expectation that his future neighbors would be long-term local homeowners, not renters. 

“It bothers me that I bought in and put (several) years of my life into a project, spending every financial and time resource that I had into something that was zoned single family,” he said. 

“There is one house in our neighborhood that is a rental and a multi-family unit — that is one house out of 30 — and it literally causes 95 percent of the problems in the neighborhood,” Smith said, adding that renters just aren’t as invested in the neighborhood as owners. 

Beyond how the proposal affects Two Rivers, Smith said he feels it is taking affordable-housing options off the market for long-term residents. 

“There are 23 lots they are proposing this for and that is 23 families that could live locally that I think are now going to have to commute,” he said. “…This isn’t a Two Rivers issue, this is a Telluride issue. That (development) is going to take away a lot of potential for residents to find a place here, to put roots here. 

While Smith stressed that he wasn’t speaking on behalf of the community, he did say that several neighbors were drafting a letter to be presented at the next meeting…

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