Dell Legacy of Good Annual Update Features IoT Pilots by New Bedford-based ImpactLABS

LABS IoT Pilot at Sharing the Harvest Farm in Dartmouth, MA

We are beyond proud to be associated with Dell on work that creates hard economic value and quantifiable social impact.

Dell Inc. is one of the largest and most influential businesses in the world, and a lead sponsor of ImpactLABS. Dell announced their 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Report summarizing initiatives that put their technology and expertise to work for the betterment of people and the planet.

The 2017 Legacy of Good Update features the work of ImpactLABS as an example of using technology to advance human progress through ‘Net Positive Impact’. The report cites the City of New Bedford for exploring IoT to make a big impact with a small footprint, and states that “IoT solutions provide small cities and businesses with a cost-effective way to stay globally competitive.”

Featured in the Legacy of Good Update are three pilot projects run by ImpactLABS:

The Port of New Bedford uses Dell Edge Gateways to capture video imaging of ships entering specific sensitive areas of New Bedford Harbor. This helps to provide security for fish houses and ensure that boats comply with catch quotas and port regulations. The Harbor Development Commission controls the system, offering the world a lesson in technology-enabled regulation.

At Quansett Nurseries in South Dartmouth, water well sensors provide real-time data on water supply, allowing growers to manage water use effectively and minimize waste. Another system monitors propane tank levels. Among the potentially most powerful solutions were the DellEMC-enabled hoophouse and greenhouse environmental monitoring solutions.

Next to Quansett Nurseries, Salt Creek Vineyard uses micro-climate weather…

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