Deficit forecast still on track for $231M, says finance minister

New Brunswick still expects to post a deficit of $231 million this year, according to third-quarter results released Friday by Finance Minister Cathy Rogers.

The number is $16 million below original budget estimates but nearly identical to the second quarter update in November.

Liberals are on track to have cut the province’s deficit by $130 million in their first two budgets — about 36 per cent — although Rogers is taking credit for more than that. 

“We are proud we have cut the deficit in half since taking office and we are on track to eliminating it entirely by the 2020-21 budget,” she said.

According to New Brunswick’s audited financial statements, the last budget of the former Alward government ended with a deficit of $361.4 million. The Liberals’ first budget reduced that by $101 million and the current budget is projected to bring it down by a further $29…

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