Crab species gets magical name inspired by "Harry Potter"

A new crab species has been named after two “Harry Potter” characters, and its discovery is an interesting tale in the search for fantastic beasts.

Harryplax severus, as the crab has been dubbedwas actually discovered nearly 20 years ago by a naturalist named Harry Conley, a retired marine. Conley spent much of his time diving off of the coast of Guam collecting specimens. It was there he came across the small, beady-eyed crustacean in coral rubble in 1998. 

Harryplax severus was discovered deep coral rubble off the beaches of Guam

Jose C.E. Mendoza, Peter K.L. Ng

When he died in the early 2000s, his collections were passed off to fellow researcher and biologist Gustav Paulay, who eventually gave them to a biologist and crab taxonomy expert at the National University of…

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