Controlled Environments within Kardex Remstar Storage Systems

Kardex Remstar has developed industry specific solutions including: temperature controlled units, clean room storage units and dry room storage units. Companies are always looking for opportunities to speed up intralogistics processes and increase productivity in these unique applications.

Storage at Constant Temperatures

Many stored goods are vulnerable to temperature changes. This applies to a very vast range of products, from frozen food articles to hospital supplies to pharmaceutical products, all of which require storage at constant temperatures. For these applications, the Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Module (VLM) and the Megamat RS vertical carousel both come equipped with an integrated air conditioning system to protect stored goods. The available temperature range is from -25 to +65 degrees Celsius (-13 to +149 degrees Fahrenheit). A model of the Megamat RS vertical carousel was also designed in particular for the storage of blood reserves at -30 degrees Celsius (-22 degrees Fahrenheit). 

Common applications are process technology (+60 degrees Celsius, +140 degrees Fahrenheit), warehouse temperature (+20 degrees Celsius, +68 degrees Fahrenheit), refrigerator (+5 degrees Celsius, +41 degrees Fahrenheit), and deep freezer (-25 degrees Celsius, -13 degrees Fahrenheit).

Two sealed off, airlock doors, one in front and a second door behind the access opening minimize external exposure to the internal environment of the system. These doors reduce the exchange of air during storage and retrieval processes. This temperature controlled environment can be contained within the unit, depending on the site constraints, requiring minimal floor space and cube, thus minimizing operating costs.

Clean Room Solutions for a Particle-Free Environment

Most semi-conductor manufacturers, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies need storage and retrieval systems that can operate in clean room conditions. Whether it’s for sterile instruments in the operating room or particle-free…

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