Civilization 6 Summer Update Adds Nubia Civ, Numerous Changes

If you are still playing just one more turn in Civilization 6, then you will be thrilled to find out that the new Summer Update is available, bringing a host of changes and fixes to the game. If you have the Digital Deluxe edition, the even better news is that a new Civ and a new Scenario Pack are now at your disposal.

Nubia is the latest civilization to join the turn-based strategy game’s roster, featuring Kandake Amanitore as the leader. The queen’s ability is Kandake of Meroe, offering a 20% production on all districts, and increasing to 40% bonus if the city contains the unique improvement Nubian Pyramid adjacent to the City Center. The special unit is the Pitati, a more powerful and mobile archer for early game protection. 

The new scenario is called The Gift of the Nile, and players will take on the role of either Nubia or Egypt in an attempt to control the Nile River by completing seven temples to Amun before the 125-turn timer expires.

If you don’t have a digital deluxe edition, the new civ and the scenario pack will cost you an extra $4.99.

Here are the full patch notes for the summer update:


  • Civ Unique Ability: +50% Production toward Ranged units. All Ranged units earn promotions 50% faster. Mines over strategic resources are +1 Production. Mines over bonus and luxury resources are +2 Gold.
  • Queen Amanitore Unique Ability: Kandake of Meroë – +20% Production on all districts rising to +40% if the city contains a Nubian Pyramid adjacent to the City Center.
  • Pitati Archer: Replaces the Archer. Stronger than the Archer with +1 Movement.
  • Nubian Pyramid: Improvement. +1 Faith. Receives additional yields from adjacent districts. +1 Food if adjacent to a city center. For all other districts that award adjacency bonuses: +1 of the appropriate yield if that district is adjacent. Desert, Desert Hills, Floodplains.
    Jebel Barkal Wonder
  • Unlocked at Iron Working. Awards 2 free Iron and +4 Faith to Cities within 6 tiles.
    ‘Gifts of the Nile’…

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