Cheese-lovers rejoice: There are plenty of artisan cheeses available these days – The Sun Herald (blog)

Are you a turophile? I am.

In case you don’t know, a turophile is a connoisseur of cheese, or at least someone who holds this ancient culinary art form in high regard.

No one knows where cheese got started, but it is blieved to have gotten its start from the practice of transporting milk in bladders of animals that contain a supply of rennet. Mix rennet and milk and magic happens.

But that happenstance is a long way from the sophisticated cheeses that can be found around the world now.

By the way, how many cheeses can you name? If you can’t name very many, here is an interesting fact. In France, you can eat a different cheese every day for a year without eating the same one twice. Wow!

Cheese has become so popular that many grocery stores are getting into the act, and some of the fine-dining restaurants now have cheese trays or, in the cast of Thirty-Two at the IP Casino a cheese…

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