Chargers owner Alex Spanos driven by work ethic – Orange County Register

COSTA MESA — Dean Spanos offered a handshake and a empathetic smile.

“Sorry for all the inconvenience,” the Chargers owner said, nodding to the nearby construction workers scurrying about wearing bright vests and hardhats.

The sound of buzzsaws and hammers crashing into nails created a steady hum throughout the Chargers temporary new headquarters in Costa Mesa in late June.

Moving boxes were stacked outside empty offices. A nearby conference room was being soundproofed. Outside, workers were paving the parking lot.

“Where should I drop these off?” a delivery man asked a Chargers receptionist, his dolly stacked proud and high.

“Down that hall, take your second left,” she told him. “It’ll be the third office to your right.”

“Appreciate it,” he said, zigzagging away like LaDainian Tomlinson after pulling in a screen pass.

“As you can see,” Spanos continued. “We’re still getting settled in.”

And will be for some time as the Chargers get acclimated to their new surroundings and ingratiate themselves to Los Angeles.

“On a positive note, I am using my navigation system less and less as I make my way around,” said A.G Spanos, the oldest son of Dean and Susie Spanos and the Chargers’ president of Business Operations. “So that’s good.”

It’s been six months since Dean Spanos exercised the…

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