Buy yourself some Mace Pepper Spray today!

If you have chosen to us Mace Pepper Spray then you have made a wise decision.  It will swiftly stop a potential attacker from a comfortable distance.  This small device is very affordable, easy to use, and very efficient and will take control of the attacker.  There are only two reasons why your pepper spray product may not work and it’s definitely due to the user not the product itself.   

First and foremost, if you do not properly use your Mace Pepper Spray or carry it with you, it’s not going to help you very much.  These two factors are important and should be taken seriously if you want to take control of your protection.

Many individual’s purchase many types of products with the intentions of utilizing it properly and reading the directions, but let’s face facts, how many times have we bought something, open the package and immediately try to use it.  We don’t look at the directions! 

When it comes to purchasing self defense weapons it is very important that you DO READ the directions and also become very familiar with your new device.  It’s very important to spend a sometime learning and getting comfortable with your pepper mace. This can make a huge difference in an attack situation.   Knowing how and when to use your Mace Pepper Spray is crucial. 

The instructions that come with your new weapon will tell you what the product does and what you should expect if you spray someone. There is also a section on how to use it.  You need to be familiar with the safety feature and how to hold the spray correctly. Practicing is an important component of owning a weapon and taking the correct steps in taking the safety off, presenting the spray (yelling STOP, as you extend your arms and point at an attacker), fire in a horizontally manner over the eyes spraying ear to ear. The most important 10 minutes you’ll ever spend is reading the directions.

Preparation and paying close attention to your surroundings is what it’s all about here.  Keep Mace…

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