Bus driver crochets toys as gifts for 34 of her passengers

One Wisconsin bus driver is responsible for quite the feel-good yarn.

Trudy Serres, who drives a bus full of 5- to 10-year-olds to Summit Elementary School in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, crocheted toys for 34 of the pint-sized passengers on her route at the end of this past school year in a gesture of kindness.

“I’ve had a couple of parents come up to my bus and tell me that they won’t go to sleep without their ‘stuffy,'” Serres, 43, told TODAY. “Some of the kids take them to church, others on vacation, and to me, that’s more rewarding than anything.

Trudy Serres

Serres’ project all began when a boy dared her to crochet a stuffed taco.

“If you buy a child an $80 toy, they play it maybe for three hours and leave it on a shelf. It gives me joy that my kids are still playing with them.”

Trudy Serres

One of Trudy Serres’ creations

The students had seen her crochet hats and scarves during waits on the job before, but her project didn’t start until two weeks before Easter when one of the kids, a 10-year-old named Vincent, dared her to make him a stuffed taco.

“I told him I could, and two days later I gave it to him,” she explained, “because what am I going to do with a taco?”

That led to a…

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