Brain Power Like You Can’t Believe

26A: Whenever “arms” appears in a clue with a question mark, it’s probably signaling weaponry.

30A: Some argue that POI is “crosswordese” since it shows up much more in puzzles than in real life. Either way, clues for these types of answers will become quite vague or trivia-laden later in the week. What other food dish is three letters and ends in I? AHI, you say? Too bad that’s already in the grid at 1A!

31A: This one is just diabolical. “Appropriate game” sounds like “Monopoly suited for the occasion,” but that’s not really a thing. In fact, “appropriate” in this context is a verb meaning “take without permission,” and “game” is referring to hunted animals.

39A: TRES élégant! It’s “very” in French, and “three” in Spanish.

60A: Another example of a vague clue/tough word pairing, much like 14A. It’s at least slightly easier if you manage to get the B from A-BOMBS first.

8D: I’m surprised to see that this clue has never been used for ATONE before. It’s hard to come up with a fresh clue based on an entirely lexical phrase as opposed to repurposing the meaning of a single word. On another note: the answer feels timely as Yom Kippur begins on Friday at sundown.

29D: Remember when I called out this exact clue in yesterday’s puzzle? Here it is again, this time for a four-letter answer, with an entirely different meaning.

32D: I studied mechanical engineering, so COS was a gimme for me. “Sin” = sine and “cos” = cosine in trig shorthand. As much as I chuckled at the cluing angle here, I predict it will be polarizing. To quote Deb: I didn’t do it.

45D: You mean to tell me “Mushroom producers” isn’t SPORES … or MYSTERY BLOCKS IN CLASSIC MARIO GAMES?

57D: Hockey fans rejoice! “Home ICE advantage” will be a gimme for you, yet may stump many others. It’s the equivalent to “home field advantage” in baseball or football.

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