Bracelet—Girls’ Favorite Gift

 A bracelet is commonly designed as a chain or band made of metal or leather that you wear on your wrist as jewelry. According to the structure, the bracelet can generally be divided into two kinds: one is a closed ring mostly made of jade materials; the other consists of a number of chain plate produced by a majority of metal materials. On the other hand, according to the production of material, the bracelet can also be divided into gold bracelet, silver bracelet, jade bracelet and gem bracelet.

People usually wear bracelet on the left hand. Gemstone bangles should be affixed to the wrist and ones made without jewelry can be loosely worn on the wrist. In particular, only a pair of bracelet can be worn in the right and left wrist at the same time.

Like earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelet is usually regarded as clothing decoration , an art used to decorate themselves, a way of personal style and hobby. This fact has being generally accepted by a growing number of people. So it is easy to understand why people still pay most attention to its aesthetic function.

The role of the bracelet have been played importantly in three aspects of our life: First of all, it is to show the identity and prominent personality. At the second place, a bracelet is used to beautify the women’s arm. Last but not the least, the benefit of the human body from it can not be neglected.

In the history of human being, bracelet represents faith and loyalty between lovers. However, in these recent years, this function is disappearing. But it is still the most beautiful girls’ wrist landscape and almost every girl treats it as her favorite gift. Today classical and modern bracelet culture is related to each other casually, a fashionable girl wearing a bracelet in the street may not have known the meaning of a jade bracelet on the wrist of ancient women.

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