Activists and environmental advocates plan to protest the proposed border wall this weekend in the border community of Mission.
Kirsten Crow

MISSION, Texas — Hundreds may turn out in South Texas this weekend to push back against construction of President Trump’s proposed border wall.

Two demonstrations against the wall’s construction are planned in Hidalgo County near the Rio Grande, where residents and activists say the potential path of a wall would impact local landmarks and natural areas, including a wildlife refuge that includes among its inhabitants the endangered ocelot.

Critics are concerned about federal maps that show possible locations of a border wall constructed on existing levees.

The maps are preliminary and no decisions have been made, authorities have said.

But they have raised concerns among a broad spectrum of organizations and groups.

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Saturday, in the city of Mission, activists are expected to gather at 7 a.m. at Our Lady of the Guadalupe Catholic Church for a prayer walk to La Lomita — the chapel that inspired the city’s name — ending on the chapel’s grounds with a rally and picnic.

A border wall, as shown in preliminary federal documents, would leave the mission in a no-man’s land between the river and the wall, community organizations say.

Although dubbed an ecumenical procession, more than 50 organizations are listed as sponsors, ranging from churches and political parties to environmental advocates and civil rights groups.

The march is about more than La Lomita, according to organizers. On a Facebook page promoting the event, its description is…