Bodybuilder still rockin’ in her fifties

Donna Marie Schultz never gave up on staying in shape, even after she stopped competing professionally, married, had children and celebrated her 50th birthday.

Donna Marie Schultz made local headlines many times when she was a younger woman and winning bodybuilding competitions for her chiseled muscles and strength.

She started around 1986 when she was 21 years old, grabbing first place and the overall win in the New England Natural Bodybuilding competition sponsored by the Amateur Athletic Union, and capped her amateur career in 1998 when she took first place and the overall win in the Ms. USA Eastern States competition hosted by the American Natural Bodybuilding Conference.

Those were just two of a long list of competitions she captured.

Today, Schultz is 52, married and the mother of two, and she is still in rocking shape.

Though she doesn’t compete anymore, she still works at her body strength and wants other women to know that just because they’re over 50 doesn’t mean that it’s too late to start getting in shape.

“Never think of yourself as old,” Schultz said, as she told her story, one of keeping her mind and body in condition.

While Schultz still has the fitness of a body builder today, it takes a lot of work, but yet she makes it fun. Her home near Milford’s shoreline tells the fun side of staying active: There is a ping pong table in the driveway, clams the family gathered at the shore, and rollerblades and other activity markers. There is son Daniel, 12, and Ashley, 9, and all the activity pre-teens bring to a home, and there is the fishing equipment belonging to husband Dave Folloni. Here, it looks like staying active is just as natural as getting up in the morning.

But there is also a work side to staying in this kind of shape: Schultz gets up at 3 a.m. to stretch and do yoga. Then she grabs a coffee and hits the gym for two hours, mostly focusing on weight lifting.

“It takes a little longer now,” Schultz said,…

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