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It started with a spritz… And now, more often than not, you’ll find me pinching my other half’s fragrances from the bathroom cabinet rather than misting on something aimed at the girls.

The thing is, I’ve never been a lover of perfumes I describe as “pink”. You know the ones – they come in brightly coloured bottles, often covered in fake gems, and leave you smelling like you’ve spent too long lurking around the Woolworths pick’n’mix section.

(That said, these scents have plenty of fans and some of them are the biggest sellers in the country, which only goes to show that one person’s perfume can be another’s poison.)

Despite having a terrible sweet tooth, I have always preferred my aromas less saccharine, which is why those aimed at the boys have such appeal. The men’s aisle tends to house all that is cool, clean and complex, while the strong, woody notes I adore are considered predominantly masculine territory – though I’m not sure why we need to assign these things a gender preference. 

I love the bottles, too, which are largely classy and glassy rather than a selection of props from a My Little Pony ad.

Crisp apple is the ingredient that gives the combination of woody vetiver, patchouli essence and cedarwood in Jimmy Choo Man Ice (£30; 0800 988 8660, a certain gender fluidity, keeping it fresh with a delicate sweetness. 

For years, Dior Eau Sauvage has been regularly siphoned off by wives and girlfriends – with one fan telling me she liked that it smells of “power and money”. But if you want something a little lighter, you won’t go far wrong with Homme Sport (£57; 020 7216 0216,, an energising and outdoorsy creation from the fashion house that combines spicy pink peppercorn with juicy blood orange. 

The original Valentino Uomo was popular with the female of the species and this summer’s reimagining, Acqua (£56; 0800 123400,, is bound to be a crowd-pleaser. 

It’s a lighter, fresher…

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