Autonetic, Hyderabad: Get into auto mode

P Subramanyam and team ventured into the workspace business with Autonetic, when co-working spaces wasn’t a familiar phrase among companies. Back in 2009, the city had only premium-serviced offices and business centres that start-ups couldn’t afford despite a gamut of choices. Being cost-effective wasn’t Autonetic’s only aim, they wanted an environment that could give birth to new ideas. The founder’s stints in multiple IT companies across India and the US came to use here and Autonetic is proof that interiors that reflect simplicity needn’t always mean lack of appeal.

Located in a sleepy lane across multiple storeys at Hyndava Techno Park, Autonetic’s space is insulated from the rushy air that envelopes the IT corridors. The space bears mostly neutral colours, has comfy walking space even as it’s dominated by a wave of ergonomic chairs (helps those who work for long hours). They initially visualised the space as a data centre that provides good framework for their clients, what enhanced their scope is the decision to also turn it a hosting space with conference room and cabin facilities.

Their interiors are clutter-free (given their choice of light colours) and glare-free, Subramanyam and Prity (Autonetic’s Director) add that ample ventilation and stunning glass-views contribute to the peaceful environment. “We wanted the space to be airy, calm in an all-inclusive setup and where people could get on with work, uninterrupted,” Prity adds. The ground-floor space rings in a business centre-like vibe, the greenery and the calm surroundings are a balm to the eyes if one’s bothered by work-stress. Their workspace on the fourth floor witnesses an enhanced style quotient as a bluish tone dominates the area.

Autonetic doesn’t lease its conference/meeting rooms to third party firms, the feature is to not disturb the existing members, one reason they’re happy not to make it an event space too. The office is bound by strong IT infrastructure,…

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