Armani First-Timer Liam Payne Talks Fashion, Father’s Day, and His Upcoming Collab with Zedd

As the crowds around the Armani Hotel this morning hinted, Liam Payne is in Milan. The gone-solo ex-One Direction-er flew in from Buffalo to attend Giorgio Armani’s show, and he seemed seriously into it. Dressed in an all navy Armani ensemble—so totally true to Giorgio’s aesthetic—he watched every look from the front row while doing a bit of chair dancing to the soundtrack. After he’d cruised the Armani showroom afterwards, displaying special interest in the new season sunglasses, he sat down for a quick debrief. This is what he had to say.
So did you say this is your first ever fashion show?
Well, I went to a Victoria’s Secret fashion show a while ago, but that’s a totally different show, isn’t it! So this is my first real fashion show. And what a wonderful space they have created in there. I though a lot of suits were great and there was that one signature trench coat that everybody was eyeing up. That’s gonna be the be the biggest seller, I reckon. But there was also this kind of cotton jacket I really enjoyed, a bit faded. There were some great pieces out there. I did a little Boomerang of the show but I also wanted to really observe the technique, the way the models walked out, and how it is done here. I’m getting better, I think, at understanding how outfits go, but to put pieces together I think is a difficult thing. And they do an amazing job here of making the pieces and then putting them together in a way that works.
Was there anything you saw today that surprised you?
The thing that really interested me was when they came out in pairs, and did I see twins at one point? It was explained to me that this is something that Mr. Armani likes to do in his shows, to show in twos sometimes, as well as one by one. And I think it’s cool. Plus they all had great hair. The music was great, too. I couldn’t stop foot trapping. I’m an air drummer when it comes to music and I was having to hold my hands together not to start drumming….

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