Aries Weekly 2012 and Capricorn Weekly 2012 – Weekly predictions

For the Capricorns, there is Capricorn weekly horoscope 2012, which predicts the success in your career through networking and a universal platform for your needs. If you need to win, you require efforts to reconnect yourself.

You can also have some new friends in this week as suggested by Capricorn Weekly 2012 and only remember one thing that you need to be a mixer in this week with your friends without worrying who would be your new friend or how you need to look in the party. Just be a party mixer in the group.

Your mood can be in repressed emotions since you will not get any co-operation or help what you would do but your finances will stay healthy. For the Aries, the weekly horoscope 2012 forecasts the spell of something truth going to happen for the young minds with the zodiac signs like Virgo, Gemini, Pisces and Cancer.

The romance is hot in this week with some soaring emotions. Aries weekly horoscope 2012 forecasts that there is a huge potential of sky rocketing in the domain of love and you may have to spend time with people who are largely very incompatible in all respects. In addition, for this reason, you might spend a lot of time holding discussions regarding the topics like your discipline, your habits of spending and often with your behavioral patterns and decisions. However, Aries Weekly 2012 asks you not to escape since it would allow you to brush up your thought process a lot. In matters of finance it is a draining time so be cautious of it.


There is an incessant urge in our mind to know the future, which is constantly dominating our minds. That is the reason, why you get such weekly horoscope 2012 for all the zodiac signs.

As your horoscope week begins the planet of communications, also called the messenger planet Mercury, re-enters Aries where it got a bit of a start around March 2nd, before going retrograde.  When Mercury aspects one of your natal planets or a transiting planet it asks the planet “Hey, what’s going on here or what can…

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