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Expats could make their finances stretch further by moving to a nation with a lower cost of living

It is hard to definitively pinpoint the cheapest countries because costs invariably depend on individual lifestyles and many of the published rankings are based on subjective opinion surveys.

Prices are constantly changing, and currency fluctuation also has a hand in affecting how cheap or expensive a place appears compared to the UK.

Countries tend not to be cheap across the board either, somewhere might have low rental costs, but expensive groceries.

With all that being said, the following countries often appear at the top of lists and surveys of cheap places to live so they could be a good place to start if you are looking to cut the costs of living abroad. 



India is the world’s fourth-largest economy

The world’s fourth-largest economy also offers great affordability for expats looking to make their finances go as far as possible.

Rent is nearly 80 per cent cheaper than in the UK, while groceries are almost 54 per cent less expensive.

India is perfect for expats seeking to broaden their horizons and explore something completely different to what they are used to.

The second most populous country in the world offers a vibrant culture and thriving diversity, and settling in is easier than you might think, given that English is widely-spoken.



Just 4 per cent of expats in Taiwan reported struggling financially

According to the InterNations Expat Insider survey, Taiwan leapt to the top of the personal finance chart in 2016.

Favoured equally by men and women, Taiwan disappointed just 2 per cent of its expat residents, compared to an average of 17 per cent.

A sturdy 28 per cent of expats claim to be completely happy with their financial situation, against a survey average of 15 per cent, while 85 per cent are satisfied overall.

In fact, 69 per cent of expats reported having more than enough money to meet their living…

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