Amanda Knox’s strength to deal with social-media specters

Amanda Knox’s antidote for her social-media trolls is vulnerability, with a dash of fictional superhero Jessica Jones.

Amanda Knox definitely did not dress up for Halloween as Amanda Knox. The website once cheekily suggested that costume is Land’s End catalog chic, with a “How to learn Italian” book in the pocket. Add a few cartwheels.

That costume idea was a thing back in 2011. Knox had returned home to Seattle after spending four years in Italian prison for a murder conviction of her roommate, Meredith Kercher. Tuesday is the ninth anniversary of Kercher’s death.

This Halloween, Knox dressed up as fictional superhero Jessica Jones.

The choice reflects her vindication as perhaps America’s most famous exoneree. Italy’s Supreme Court declared her definitely innocent, citing “stunning flaws” in the investigation.

She’s innocent, and if you don’t believe her, talk to Jessica Jones.

But Knox is still making the transition from social-media meme to spokeswoman for innocence cases. She is back in the news because of the new Netflix documentary, titled “Amanda Knox,” which shows how the case fell apart, through interviews with Knox, her prosecutor and a sleazy British tabloid journalist who played co-conspirator to the rush to justice.

“I was at peace with the idea that people would never treat me as a human, and that was one of the main motivations I’ve had to bring attention to other exoneree stories,” Knox said when we met at a Capitol Hill coffee shop last week.

“It’s not as simple as treating me like a little doppelgänger cultural reference point that you can just throw and project anything you want onto. It’s more difficult when you’re right in front of me, and I’m clearly not that.”

In person, she comes across as thoughtful and still wounded. Now 29, Knox has graduated from the University of Washington, works as a freelance writer and lives in Seattle’s…

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