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No one likes surprises. Whether you work at an apparel manufacturer or retailer, receiving a shipment that does not meet specifications can throw your organization into crisis management mode. When it comes to apparel, the crisis could involve virtually anything.

Beyond broken buttons: disaster comes in all shapes and sizes

As a third-party apparel refurbisher, I sometimes think my company has seen it all. But then a customer calls with a new – and sometimes outlandish – problem to solve. Often, the issue is a full-blown crisis because millions of dollars in sales are at risk. This means the crisis needs to be remediated as quickly as possible to get garments to first-quality condition and stocked on shelves. Additionally, we want to minimize fall-out rate and avoid consumer returns.

Mini case studies: memorable crisis management situations

  • Apparel repair: Stuck zippers put $2 million in sales at risk – Our customer’s featured item for its autumn launch was a fashionable sweatshirt. Unfortunately, the 43,000 items had zippers with the wrong slider. We were able to repair the zipper with minimal impact to the apparel, and get first-quality product on the shelves in time for the launch.

  • Mold and mildew removal: cartons of clothing had soaked in salt water! – A shipping container with 20,000 pairs of pants was submerged in salt water at the port. We conducted an ozone shock treatment to kill festering mold and then pressed, re-ticketed, and repackaged all of the pants – all in time for the brand’s big promotion.

  • Apparel relabeling: 40,000 mislabeled bras – After completing an inspection with precise measurements, we discovered that a manufacturer’s entire shipment of bras had labels that were three sizes too large. We applied new heat transfer labels in 12 colors over the factory’s silkscreen label. The heat transfer label stated the correct size and fully covered the incorrect labels.

  • Re-ticket and re-package: The devil is in the…

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