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Scholar discusses evidence supporting or challenging an Adventist understanding.

Below is the third report on the North-American Division Faith & Science Conference, which took place in St. George, Utah, United States, from July 6-13.—Adventist Review

“If you believe in the biblical flood, let me tell you that I have good and bad news for you,” said Loma Linda University Biology and Paleontology Professor Leonard Brand at the beginning of his presentation on that precise topic. Brand is a seasoned researcher in taphonomy—a branch of paleontology that studies the processes of fossilization and geological factors that influence the preservation of fossils. In his discussion, he developed what he had hinted in a previous presentation.

“There is evidence that either favors or challenges [the Seventh-day Adventist] short time understanding of origins and the Flood,” said Brand as he set out to compare and assess some of them.

First, said Brand, we must remember that from the start, naturalism thinks in terms of millions of years. And we should never underestimate the role played by a worldview in shaping scientists’ conclusions. “Evidence plus worldview equals conclusion,” he said. “And after you choose a worldview, all evidence will be interpreted that way no matter what.”

Short Time Periods

“Much evidence does not support millions of years,” said Brand. Among other reasons, he mentioned some of the geological evidence for short time periods, the issue of “missing time,” and examples of fossil preservation.

  • Loma Linda University Biology and Paleontology Professor Leonard Brand discussed evidence that supports or challenges an Adventist understanding of the biblical story of the worldwide flood….

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