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A New Trumpist Magazine Débuts at the Harvard Club – The New Yorker

Julius Krein is one of a number of people whose life has been complicated by the election of Donald Trump, although in his case it is a happy sort of complication. On Tuesday night, at the launch party for his new journal, American Affairs, he was holding court at the Harvard Club of New York City, celebrating the new enterprise and reminiscing about an old one. “We wanted to preserve some of the elements of the critique that Trump raised,” Krein said. “And then he won.”

A year ago, adopting the pseudonym Plautus, Krein had joined with a small crew of like-minded intellectuals to launch an online publication called the Journal of American Greatness, which promoted a political philosophy that its writers sometimes referred to as Trumpism. The idea was to make scholarly arguments on behalf of a Presidential candidate who refused to do any such thing. Plautus celebrated Trump’s “rebellion against this elite and its culture,” and argued that Trump’s muscular nationalism could revive American politics, notwithstanding his “avoidance of policy specifics.” Another Journal contributor, who called himself Publius Decius Muswas convinced that “Trump articulated, if incompletely and inconsistently,…

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