5 Tips to Stay Healthy in Stress

When a lot has happened in your life, how fun or annoying it is, it creates stress. Positive stress energizes while negative stress affects your health. However, in both cases for heavy body and mind. Adrenaline keeps you on your feet but you are not unlimited volume. Stress will always narrowing. Flex your muscles to, your breathing is shallow, you respond quickly and abruptly or sleeping. Everyone reacts differently to stress. The causes of stress are not all equal. Where a stress gets the idea of ??a backpack trip through Nepal, the other can not wait until the time is up. What does work are the following tips-

1. Get Plenty of Rest- Although you exciting days sometimes difficult to sleep or rest you still sleeping off by lying. Write down what you want to do and try to distract your mind from a maelstrom. There are several relaxation on the internet that you can do.

2. Stay well and healthy eating- If you are tired earlier to grab sugary snacks that give energy. This works very temporary and your blood sugar will fluctuate a lot from what you do makes tired. Regular food gives your body energy throughout the day. Do not skip meals. Breakfast with plenty of protein, boil for a few days, leave messages at work delivery, snack tomatoes, carrots and ginger give a nice byte between.

3. Keep Moving- Stress hormones accumulate in your body. In addition, your head is full of thoughts. Time for physical activity for body and mind into balance. Sweat does remind you again that you have a body. When your muscles to work down you feel a lot better afterward. Also brings movement (preferably in the open air) more in the here and now which soothes your mind. Walking lunch, cycling to the supermarket, a bus stop earlier trips or you can dance also at least 30 minutes per day.

4. Do Something Fun with Others- Social contacts are good for your health, really. If you experience stress you tend to get your seclusion. Do not. What you get out of friendship: fun, adventure,…

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