3 Natural tips to combat anxiety attacks in your child

Anxiety attacks are psychological attacks which are triggered suddenly and with devastating effects. Though it does not make discrimination between adult and child, the impact is more pronounced on children. Anxiety attacks in extreme can lead to heart diseases and nervous breakdowns. Experiencing one can be frightening, emotionally disturbing and socially embarrassing, especially for a child. With the advancement in psychiatry, expert help is now available. However, it is preferable to use alternate natural remedies for treating the symptoms. Below are the three natural tips for combatting child anxiety attacks.

1. Deep breathing exercises

Breathing controls our mood and behavior. The well-known phrase ‘to breath like a child’ refers to the correct manner of breathing.  Anxiety attacks are characterized by shallow breathing. If your child shows increasing symptoms of panic attacks, you should teach him how to control his breathing and bring it back to normal. Breathing exercises are not only recommended for adults, they are beneficial for children also. There is no need for advanced techniques, even simple breathing exercises will be sufficient.

2. Study and play balance

You may have heard the phrase ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. It aptly applies to a child mental development. Over focus on studies and the pressure to achieve can lead to undue anxiety symptoms. These symptoms include excessive worry, deteriorating relationship with peers and family, intense fear of performance etc. To avoid this, plan your child activities such that he gets to study as well as play, leading to a balanced development.

3. Coping mechanisms

It is advised to develop your child’s fear coping mechanisms from an early age. Encourage him to read positive stories which instill confidence and bravery. Allow him to pursue different hobbies so that he can settle on one to provide a social outlet. Assure him that moderate worry is ok and is something not to be…

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