China vows quick trade moves as US sends mixed signals

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Hours later, Bloomberg News reported that officials have begun preparing to restart imports of US soybeans and liquefied natural gas - the first sign confirming the claims of Trump and the White House that China had agreed to start buying some USA products "immediately".

The Ministry said that the recent meeting of U.S. President Donald trump and Chinese President XI Jinping was successful.

The day after Xi and Trump met, the WeChat account of the People's Daily's overseas edition published an article detailing some of what was discussed at their talks.

"China will start from implementing specific issues on which consensus has been reached, and the sooner, the better", the Ministry of Commerce said on its website.

Global markets cheered the weekend accord on Monday, only to reverse course Tuesday as doubts emerged over exactly what the world's two largest economies had agreed on.

They agreed to enhance "structural changes" over technology transfer, cyber intrusions and crime, agriculture, service and intellectual property protection, the White House said. About it reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to Reuters. China's crude oil imports from the U.S. had ground to a halt.

MARKETS DOWN Global financial markets sank to one-week lows on Wednesday amid the renewed trade concerns, extending Tuesday's slide.

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Stock markets rose Monday after USA officials touted the agreement as a historic breakthrough. -China relations "will remain contentious".

"I am not sure, you know, that the objective is a trade agreement".

The Chinese silence has prompted questions about what Trump said was a promise by Beijing to buy more American goods and negotiate over USA complaints that it steals American technology. China's government has yet to issue official comment on those details. Confusing and conflicting statements by Trump and US officials, coupled with lack of Chinese confirmation, led to stock markets tumbling on Tuesday amid doubts about the chances for a final settlement of a fight over technology that threatens to chill global economic growth.

A Chinese official told Reuters that officials were "waiting for the leaders to return" before publicising details.

China has said comparatively little about the Trump-Xi agreement after senior Chinese officials briefed the media following the meeting, and there have been some differences between U.S. and Chinese accounts of what the deal entails.

On Wednesday, the Global Times tabloid, which is run by the Chinese Communist Party's main newspaper, said myriad statements from the Trump administration about the deal - including the agreement that China would buy $1.2 trillion in additional USA goods - were created to highlight or even exaggerate facets of the deal that benefited the United States. "It will be a win-win situation if a deal is realised. Chinese society should maintain a calm attitude", it said.