US Senators move to end support for Saudi Arabia's role in Yemen

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"I think 80 percent of the people left the hearing this morning not feeling like an appropriate response has been forthcoming", Corker said. Least I am not aware that we do.

Noticeably missing was CIA Director Gina Haspel, whose agency has overseen the Khashoggi investigation.

Haspel or a senior intelligence community official "could have responded to a number of questions that I am sure came up in the meeting", Otis, a former CIA branch chief specializing in Europe and the Middle East, told Al-Monitor.

Yesterday's "procedural vote sets up the beginning of a floor debate on the resolution next week", explains the AP.

However, Pompeo and Mattis did not seem to sway leading Senate foreign policy voices, including some of Trump's fellow Republicans, who said they believed taking no action would send a more risky message to the world. The Saudi-led coalition has been fighting the Houthis since 2015. They see the Khashoggi murder as a means of pressuring the regime in Riyadh into greater subservience to U.S. policy, and the war in Yemen as a distraction from the preparations for far greater military confrontations with Russian Federation and China. Under the principle of universal jurisdiction, HRW argued the prince could be held accountable outside the countries of the alleged offenses.

Republican Senator Bob Corker joined Lindsay Graham in questioning the administration's handling of recent events.

The US Senate has taken a defiant stance against President Donald Trump's White House, advancing a measure that would end American military support for the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen.

A media release from Global Affairs Canada said these Saudis "are, in the opinion of the Government of Canada, responsible for or complicit in the extrajudicial killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi on October 2, 2018".

NERMEENSHAIKH:This marks the first time in United States history the Senate has voted to advance a bill to withdraw military forces from an unauthorized war using the War Resolutions Act.

To date, Trump's deputies have shown no indication of planning to change course.

ALEX EDELMAN/UPI/NewscomFinally a bit of bipartisanship with merit: Senators yesterday chose to at least debate ending US sponsorship of Saudi Arabia's aggression in Yemen.

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Indeed, a report published on November 21 by global NGO Save the Children revealed that an astonishing 85,000 Yemeni children may have died as a result of the war that has been raging since the spring of 2015. "They would also like to know about the effects of the humanitarian crisis and whether U.S. military involvement has played a role in worsening that", Otis said.

Mattis and Pompeo worry a move to cut United States support to the Saudis ahead of the summit is poorly timed and could embolden Huthis not to negotiate. "Try defending that outcome back home".

And police have been searching for the slain journalist's remains.

In an op-ed piece in The Wall Street Journal, Pompeo said the Crown Prince has moved the country in a reformist direction.

The vote showed a significant number of Republicans were willing to break with Trump to express their deep dissatisfaction with Saudi Arabia and with the USA response to Khashoggi's brutal killing in Turkey last month.

"We are seldom free to work with unblemished partners", Mattis said. The U.S. government has turned a blind eye to these atrocities for years.

"We don't need to destroy or walk away from our alliance with Saudi Arabia, but we most certainly need to recalibrate it", the Florida Republican said. "We can not be deflected from using all our influence to end this war for the good of innocent people in trouble, and ultimately the safety of our own people, and this includes our military engagement". He was killed in what US officials have described as an elaborate plot at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, which he had visited for marriage paperwork.

When asked if he had told Trump as much, Graham said, "I just did". If they are successful, it will be the first time since the act was passed in 1973 that it has been used to end a foreign operation - putting the Senate in somewhat uncharted legislative territory.

"This would be a process like the budget vote-a-rama", Corker said, referring to round-the-clock amendment votes that regularly accompany the budget process.

The Trump administration has threatened to veto the resolution if it passes.