Michelle Obama And Jimmy Kimmel Shade Melania Trump

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Michelle Obama finally published her much-anticipated memoir- Becoming, a recount of her life growing and transforming into who she is today. Of course, she misses being generally anonymous as well.

One aspect that has caught everyone's attention causing trending conversation is how the former First Lady opens up about her personal struggles with parenthood having suffered two miscarriages and conceiving her two daughters - Sasha and Malia Obama through in vitro fertilisation (IVF).

For those of us who'd suggest simply wearing a disguise to overcome that particular celebrity hurdle, Obama has already thought it through, to its natural conclusion. "I mean where did you go" Kimmel said after Michelle Obama sat down to continuous applause from the audience. "I'd be in some tabloid magazine: 'What's she trying to do-what's wrong with her?"

Elsewhere on The Ellen Show, while the former First Lady tried to sign copies of her book at Costco, Ellen was being... well Ellen.

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Michelle Obama's memoir titled Becoming Michelle Obama is now the most trending book in the publishing industry. Have you ever heard anything more shocking? Next, she deadpanned, "The whole eight years we were in the White House, we used Laura Bush's Netflix password", then quipped, "Laura, sorry, send me the bill!"

Kimmel: "I knew it, I knew it". "I think he's all of our freebies", she added, only further suggesting that line is, indeed, true.

She had bought new white sneakers to wear on the trip, and within a day, after all the pushing they did, her shoes turned reddish brown, stained with the cinnamon-hued dust of Nairobi. "They get so mad every time I mix their names up".