IPad Pro: The reviews are in

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The Cupertino, California, company introduced new versions of the iPad Pro, its higher-end tablet that competes with Microsoft Corp's (MSFT.O) Surface, with thinner bezels and more screen space, along with the face unlock system found on Apple's newer iPhones. It feels like the team listened carefully to feedback from creative pros and took action-not just in improving the hardware and iOS, but also in working closely with key partners like Adobe to create uniquely fantastic possibilities for the creative community. The accessory-makers at HYPER just revealed one of the first USB-C hub accessories that's made specifically for the iPad Pro 2018.

Fans of the iPad Pro 2018 who just cannot wait for Apple to ship its latest version can already order their units on the Apple store.

And as it stands, there are still too many little tasks I find more hard to perform on the iPad than on my much more boring, old, slow, less pretty computer.

HyperDrive for iPad comes in either "Silver" or 'Space Gray.' The adapter is priced at $99 United States dollars ($129 CAD), but anyone who preorders the accessory can get it for 50 percent off.

Overall, I really want to replace my current laptop with this iPad Pro, and when you look at it that way the asking price seems less absurd. The innovations you see in the photo.

Knowingly that they don't own Ipad Pro 2018 yet but at least they can enjoy the stock wallpapers.

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Last week, Apple launched refreshed versions of its MacBook Air and Mac mini.

Silver is much better at hiding small scratches and scrapes caused by such things as sliding it around on a table, keeping it in a bag with other things that have a rough texture, or laying it flat on hard surfaces all day. If you download from the above link, then you will have the full resolution wallpapers.

But with no locking mechanism present, Apple has to ensure that the Smart Connector pins on the keyboard find their Smart Connector counterparts on the back of the iPad quickly and easily every time for the keyboard to work. For that style, it's more important that your case complements your iPad.

Meanwhile, the T2 chip with its secure enclave is the same thing Apple put in the iMac Pro a year ago, which itself, is just an upgraded version of the T1 chip from 2016 and 2017 MBPs.

The updated iPads will have slimmer sides that make the displays look almost edge-to-edge.

The publication also points out that the iPad Pro's own processor and graphics performance should not be underestimated.