Jamie Lee Curtis smashes box office records, tweets the flawless reaction

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I've sort of been making fun of the fact that we're to forget all other Halloween sequels that have been made since 1978, but considering the fact that I haven't liked ANY of those other sequels and I'm impressed with this one, I guess I need to shut up. That's the second-best October opening of all time, behind only Venom, which opened earlier this month to the tune of $80 million. It also marks the best Blumhouse outing since Paranormal Activity 3 logged $53.8 million.

"I am enormously proud of this film", Jason Blum said in a statement.

I think they've accomplished their mission, even if, during the film's brisk 104 minute run time, you get the sense that Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) has HAD encounters with her "evil twin" sporadically over the last 40 years. Without another big horror movie getting a wide release before Halloween, I wouldn't be surprised if Halloween sticks at the top next weekend as well. Coupled with Halloween's $14.3 million global opening gross, the slasher movie made a total $91.8 million worldwide. Halloween creator John Carpenter is on board as executive producer and composer. The follow-up has garnered some of the best reviews for a series entry yet.

While John didn't receive the accolades that he wanted at the height of his career, thankfully, at least his movies are finally receiving the credit - and box office numbers - they deserve.

Meanwhile, people are still seeing A Star Is Born and Venom, which took the second and third spots on this weekend's box office chart respectively. The studio had expected an opening north of $50 million.

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Sony Pictures' Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween held the fourth place position with $9.715 million, bringing the domestic total to $28.8 million.

And that's not including the $14.3m (£10.9m) made in overseas box offices, either. A24's coming-of-age skateboarding drama expands nationwide next weekend.

After hauling in $7.7 million on its preview night opening, Halloween was expected to bring in $45 to $55 million during its opening, but it smashed that expectation.

Another surprisingly strong showing puts October 54.5 percent ahead of the same frame a year ago, as well as 12 percent ahead of 2014's record month, according to comScore.