How the Houston Rockets spoiled LeBron’s Lakers home debut

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Brandon Ingram was given a four-game suspension, Rajon Rondo got three games, and Chris Paul received the smallest penalty in a two-game ban.

The suspension will cost Paul $491,782, Rondo $186,207 and Ingram $200,428 in salary, a disparity attributable to Paul's much richer contract.

Three players were ejected in the brawl, which began when the Lakers' Brandon Ingram shoved the Rockets' James Harden. Through two games, Ingram had averaged 14.0 points while making more than half of his shots, while Rondo's 13.0 points and 10.5 assists made for an excellent beginning to his L.A. tenure.

Lonzo Ball, last season's starter at point guard, could replace Rondo in the starting lineup when the Lakers host the Spurs Monday night.

Although hard to see with the naked eye, video of the incident showed Rondo spitting on Paul, who responded by poking his finger into Rondo's face. Ingram shoved Harden, and was given a technical.

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"We don't want this to happen again, " said National Basketball Association executive vice president Kiki VanDeWeghe, who handed down the penalties.

The suspensions for Ingram, Rondo and Paul are truly surprising considering everything that took place between the lines Saturday.

In the heat of the moment, when somebody does that, I mean that's tough. Not in sports, in the streets, that's blatant disrespect.

The Lakers fell 124-115 to the visiting Houston Rockets to spoil James' debut at Staples Center after dropping their season opener to the Trail Blazers in Portland on Thursday. "This game is played with a lot of passion and it's an aggressive game and obviously there is contact in the game". They got tangled up in the second quarter of a game then, and tensions were high when the game was over, with players like Paul Pierce needing to get between the two before everyone left the court. Paul alleges Rondo spit in his face which forced Paul to stick a hand in Rondo's. Rondo claims the spitting didn't happen and Paul instigated. We are going to have some early troubles.